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Argentina vs Mexico on 11-26-2022, the 2022 World Cup

 Lusail Stadium will host a high-level match between Argentina and Mexico in the second round of Group C for the 2022 World Cup, which Qatar is currently hosting.

The date of the Argentina-Mexico match and the carrier channels
The Argentina match against Mexico will take place at exactly nine o’clock in the evening today, Saturday, in the second round of Group Three competitions for the 2022 World Cup, which Qatar is currently hosting, and the match will be broadcast on beIN Sports HD 2 Max, on beIN Sports. HD3 max.

The Argentine national team is playing today's match after suffering a strong blow, as it lost to the Saudi national team with two goals to two, while the Mexican national team tied without goals with the Polish national team, scored a point and did not leave empty-handed. In the first round.

The Argentine national team, led by world star Lionel Messi, hopes to correct the balance and win over Mexico to adjust its position in the competition to grab the qualification card.

And it became the situation in the Argentine group, and no one could be sure of the emerging duo, despite the great differences between their teams.

The Argentine national team comes at the bottom of the unbalanced third group, while the Saudi national team leads with three points, followed by the Mexican and Polish teams in the second and third positions, with one point each.

Coach Scaloni and his team have become in a very critical situation, especially since victory today is inevitable if he wants to continue the World Cup campaign, because the most pessimistic in the Argentine camp did not expect the star-studded tango dancers to advance. Saudi Arabia, which was initially considered the weakest link in the group, before confirming that it is an expected “dark horse” in the group, after it managed to stop Messi and his companions’ winning streak, which lasted 36 consecutive matches.

On the other hand, the Mexican national team is considered a candidate to skip the group stage if it beats or even draws against the Argentine national team, as it will get the second point in the event of a tie today, and a victory over Saudi Arabia. The Arabs in the last game will be key in passing.

According to the performance of the Mexican national team in the first match, today's meeting should be a dispute with Argentina, as the Mexican players are characterized by speed and technical skills, led by the attacking trio Alexis Vega and Henry Martin, in addition to that. To Napoli striker Hirving Lozano.

Argentina and Mexico have previously met, in 35 previous matches in different tournaments, before the expected 2022 World Cup match, and the history of the matches is in favor of the tango dancers, after they won 16 matches, against 5 defeats and 14 draws. .

The last meeting between the two teams, in 2019, was friendly, and the Argentine national team won 4-0, and in the World Cup, the Argentine national team achieved a great victory over Mexico, 3-0, during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.